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Howdy, we're the Olivers

What can we say… the Wild West called, and we answered (looks like we have that in common). Now before we get ahead of ourselves and start river talkin’ over here, allow us to formally introduce ourselves.

Heyya, happy campers! We’re the Olivers: Steve, Julie, Chase, and Cici. We’re Colorado bred, Nebraska raised supertramps with a fly fishing habit. But you can just call us, “neighbors”. You see, after copious fishing trips to Grey Reef, the Miracle Mile and the surrounding area, our love for Alcova, Wyoming only grew. In 2021 when the property became available, it didn’t take long for us to realize that this adventure was meant for us as a family. In many ways we feel as though this place chose us too. From day one we’ve poured endless amounts of sacrifice, love and hard work into this land. And the best part is this is only the beginning.

Here at Windy Waters we’re convinced that a home isn’t always defined by four walls and a foundation. We believe that nature holds life’s best lessons, community can exist in even the smallest of places and there’s nothing a s’more and a campfire can’t cure. As a family we get
through and find purpose by sharing our love of the West with those who are willing to surrender to it. When we’re not getting our hands dirty at camp, you can find us sipping cocktails in town, exploring Central Wyoming’s hidden gems, and catching big fish on the North Platte of course!

As you plan your trip, know that when you’re in our neck of the woods you’re family. We are honored to be able to not only to create a home-away-from-home for our fellow adventures, but also aid in creating the life-long memories that come with experiencing the great outdoors in the last of the true frontier.

Fishing addicts by day. Your hostesses’ with the mostest by night.

It’s our mission to make this stop on your trip a worthwhile one. Whether you’re hitting the backroads, seeking local recommendations or need advice on what fly to throw out in the morning, we’re here to meet you halfway.

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